Lavandula angustifolia 30gr

Lavandula angustifolia

Aromatic plant that is widely cultivated in the Mediterranean countries, both for its essential oil and for therapeutic purposes.

The combination of its properties ranks it among the 20 most powerful herbs, as its essential oil is one of the most versatile. Lavender and its oil are considered one of the most effective remedies for burns and stings.

It also has excellent antimicrobial action.

It is tonic and antispasmodic and has numerous therapeutic applications. Its flowers are small, cyan and very fragrant. Flowering season is summer, the same as the collection.

• Beverage
Boil water and add a tablespoon of fresh or dried lavender flowers. Leave on for 10 minutes. This decoction helps fight insomnia, calms the nerves and relaxes from nervous tension. Finally, it soothes the stomach.

• Muscular stress
Have you strained your muscular system? Gently massage with lavender oil which you can prepare by adding 25-30 drops of lavender essential oil in 200 ml of almond oil.

• Insomnia
Against  insomnia, drop a few drops of lavender on your pillow or put dried lavender flowers in a small canvas bag and place it in your pillowcase.

• Fight against common cold and cough
Deep inhalations of beneficial steam from flowers or lavender oil are absolutely healing. Put in an open container 2-3 tablespoons of lavender flowers and 1 tablespoon of eucalyptus. Pour 1 - 1½ liter of boiled, steamed water on top. Tilt your head over the container, cover it with a large towel so that you can take deep breaths in the beneficial steam.

• Relief from sunburn
Make a mixture of water with 8-10 drops of essential oil and smear the sunburned area. You will be relieved immediately. You can also make lavender gel with aloe (8-10 drops of lavender essential oil in 20 ml of aloe).

• Relief from insect bites, cuts and abrasions
Lavender is antiseptic destroying germs and helping to "disinfect" injured areas.

• Relief from Headaches
Apply a few drops of essential oil on the forehead, temples and neck and gently massage. You can also apply a compress. Helps relieve migraines, hypertension, fatigue and even the effects of heavy alcohol consumption.

• Scoricide and insect repellent
Lavender flowers repel moths and insects. Make or buy small fabric pouches and put in lavender flowers. Put them in your drawers and closets.

• Aromatic
Drop a few drops of lavender essential oil in the washing machine or steam water. This will give your clothes an incredible scent.

• Does lowers blood pressure
It is considered, by aromatherapists, that a cup of lavender decoction before bed "drops" the pressure and reduces the tachycardia during the night.

• Lavender and cooking
Use powdered lavender flowers in jams, salads, creams, cookies and jellies.

Side effects
    • In large doses it is irritating
    • Internal use of lavender is prohibited for people with severe stomach problems
    • Its essential oil in large doses, is a drug that can even cause death
    • Its external use is generally considered safer

Gross packing weight: 40gr

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