Bee pollen 180gr

Bee pollen contains over 250 biologically active substances, the main of which are proteins and amino acids, carbohydrates and sugars, lipids and free fatty acids, as well as vitamins and trace elements. The exact content of pollen in these nutrients varies as mentioned above depending on the characteristics of the flora from which it originated.

Bee pollen has been associated with several benefits for the human body.

• Enhances the antioxidant power of the human body
• Improves heart health
• It has anti-inflammatory action
• Strengthens the body's defenses
• Soothes skin diseases and helps heal wounds
• Enhances good liver function
• Relieves the symptoms of menopause

35g (1 tbsp) daily is enough to meet the body's needs for protein, vitamins and minerals. It is recommended to be consumed as is, mixed with honey or dissolved in water or fresh juice.

It should not be consumed by infants under 1 year of age.

In special case of illness, the advice of a doctor is recommended.

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